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Why You Should Have Renters Insurance: Even Living With Family

Having renters insurance, even if you are living with your parents or family is always a wise idea.

You are responsible for your own liability, so having a renters policy ensures that you have liability protection specific to yourself. This will help make sure that if you cause any property damage or injuries to another person, you will have liability protection to protect you from that. The homeowners policy provides liability coverage to the homeowners, so any liability damages specific to you likely won't be covered by the homeowners policy your family member has.

In addition, a renters policy will provide additional personal property coverage to make sure all of your belongings are covered in case of a loss. The homeowners policy will only cover the contents up to a specific limit specified on the policy. This limit may not be enough to cover your items in case there is a total loss. It is best to have additional personal property protection to make sure you can replace all of your belongings.

If you are living with family or friends and don't have your own renters policy, give us a call at (602)337-2723 or click the button below to request a quote and we'd be happy to help! Renters insurance is more affordable than you think and provides significant peace of mind!

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