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Switch to a Policy with a Claim Satisfaction Guarantee

If you aren't with Allstate, you do not have a Claim Satisfaction Guarantee on your policy. This patented addition to Allstate's standard auto policies is changing the game in how your claims are handled.

So what is it?!

The Claim Satisfaction Guarantee holds that if you are dissatisfied with the way your claim is handled for any reason, upon receipt of a letter within 180 days of the claim stating why you are dissatisfied, Allstate will issue a policy credit in the amount of the 6 month premium of the vehicle involved in the claim.

Allstate stands behind their claim handling process and guarantees your satisfaction with the way your claim is handled. No other companies offer something like this.

Give our office a call at (602)337-2723 or click the button below to request a quote and switch to a policy that offers a Claim Satisfaction Guarantee!

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