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Seatbelt Safety 101

There are so many reasons seatbelts are essential while any vehicle is in motion. Some primary points include:

1) Individuals in a vehicle who are not wearing a seat belt can become projectiles during

an accident. Unbuckled individuals can easily be ejected through the front, rear or side windows resulting in death.

2) around 20% of all deaths in Arizona were because of not wearing a seatbelt-this is preventable!

3) The chances of surviving a vehicle related accident increases about 45% when wearing a seatbelt properly. This amount can be increased to 60% when in larger vehicles such as SUV's and Trucks.

Lets not forget about your children or younger passengers! Any child under 4'9 feet needs to be in a properly secured seat in the rear of a vehicle with a seatbelt properly secured and checked by an adult before the car is in motion.

Seatbelts save lives!

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