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Drive for Uber, Lyft, Uber Eats, Doordash, etc.? Don't Forget this Important Coverage!

Did you know that if you drive for any rideshare or food delivery service and have the app open but aren't performing any delivery or passenger transportation, your personal auto policy and the commercial auto policy for the company you work for will not cover you?

Allstate has a Ride for Hire endorsement that will fill in the coverage gaps between your personal auto policy and the commercial auto policy. If you are in between deliveries or passengers and your app is open, this Ride for Hire endorsement will provide coverage to you if you were to get in an accident during this time period.

Don't start driving until you have this coverage added! Give our office a call at (602)337-2723 or click the button below to request a quote from our office and we can make sure you are properly protected and can drive with peace of mind!

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