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2022 Mesa Book Crawl

This is the first I've ever heard of a book crawl, I was definitely intrigued and had to check it out.

I really love any excuse to walk around and explore downtown though.

We started at Neighborhood Comedy Theater. They had a few authors set up inside. I really enjoyed talking with author Robert Dukelow- who mentioned he really just writes for fun and has a lot of short stories. Which are perfect for me because I work full time and I'm a mom so not too much downtime.

I love how they had a couple authors in various boutiques, clubs and restaurants. Every part of our trip was exciting with just that downtown feel. My girls loved the antique shop and the vendors on the streets with their handcrafted jewelry and candles. My Fiancé and I were able to try a flight of beers at Oro Brewing while on the crawl and their staff and service was wonderful.

They really had everything for all ages, my daughters loved Cynthia Anne Finefrocks "Winston the traveling dog" which stars her actual dog.

My oldest daughter really loved speaking with Sharon Skinner and is looking forward to reading some of her work. We decided to start with "Mirabella and The Faded Phantom".

It was just a great time and wish we could of walked around longer. I really hope they do more events like these. All of us in the office love a good book so feel free to give us any recommendations :)

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